There's lots of work that goes into creating a signature story, here's a look at the team that makes it all happen.


Jacob Jolly

I’m a cinematographer as well as a travel and portrait photographer based in Dallas, TX and OKC, OK. I started creating wedding films in 2015 and I’ve always loved to document the places I go to bring out the beauty in creation that we experience daily. I take joy in making others smile, working hard, and making new friends. The ultimate goal for me is to create stunning visuals that convey a natural and true story. I love traveling to places I’ve never been to before. I love life and every opportunity to capture it through my lens.

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Lexie Jolly

I'm passionate about adding value to people's lives. I love spending quality time with the ones I love and making new friends each day. I'm currently a nursing student, but I love telling the extraordinary stories found in everyday people through photos and video.

I started shooting weddings with Jacob about a year into our relationship and now I get to shoot with him as his wife. Through each photo I capture and every video that I take, I want to tell the unique stories hidden in every friend I make.


Easton Oliver

My first love is travel-lifestyle photography, in the way of Andrew Kearns, Sam Elkins, or Garret King. Following these photographers has helped me develop my own style.

As I've grown as a photographer and videographer, I've become more comfortable with all sorts of photography: product, couple, portrait, weddings. Weddings are the newest addition to my arsenal, and the one I'm most excited about going forward. Hearing the stories and experiences of different couples is amazing, and I want to be able to document those experiences for you!